ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for

Growth and

Our strategy is to achieve climate neutrality while ensuring Poland's business growth and energy security.

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Planned structure of installed capacity

The ENEA Group intends to achieve climate neutrality by developing renewable energy sources (RES). At the same time, we continue action to spin off assets related to electricity generation in conventional coal- and lignite-fired units from the Group structure to the National Energy Security Agency (NABE).

  • 6.0 GW from RES
    by 2040
  • 0% the use of coal
    by 2025
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Supporting the development of green power

ENEA Operator carried out a number of investments enforced by, among others, the rapid increase in the number of decentralized generation facilities, new obligations to support the development of local energy markets, and emergence of energy communities (energy clusters and cooperatives, local balancing areas, owners of energy storage facilities, electric vehicles and charging stations).

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Roadmap to climate neutrality

While preparing an update of the strategy, the following reduction of CO₂ emission intensity was assumed, taking into account both the planned spin-off of selected bituminous coal based generation assets to NABE and the investments in new RES installations and combined cycle power units in Kozienice Power Plant

  • 2050 Planned date of reaching
    to climate neutrality
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Planned capital expenditures

Capital expenditures related to the strategy implementation in the years 2023-2042 in all areas of activity of the ENEA Group are estimated at more than PLN 68 billion. The development strategy assumes that about 50% of the RES investments will be financed using the joint venture structures and 50% on ENEA Group’s balance sheet (other than offshore projects, which will be implemented entirely in the joint venture formula).

  • 68 PLN bn for the implementation of the strategy
    in the years 2023-2042
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1) In the structure of capital expenditures for renewable sources, about 0.03% will be designated for hydro power plants; due to rounding error, the capital expenditures for individual technologies may not add up to 100%

Direct economic value generated by the ENEA Group

The ENEA Group has made a multi-dimensional contribution to the Polish economy. The company: delivers electricity and heat and provides innovative services to individual and business customers, is a large employer, generates jobs in the value chain and is a major taxpayer, which includes being the 6th largest CIT payer among tax groups for 2021

  • 10 PLN million for investment
    social investment (donations)
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Ready for change

The targets laid down in the Strategy affirm that sustainability is reflected in practice in all of our key business activities. We are focused on achieving our economic goals, but this is done while respecting the environment and society.

Paweł Majewski President of the ENEA S.A. Management Board

ESG in the business model

Circular economy

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” uses mining waste for land reclamation, for paving roads and yards and producing cement, and disposes of industrial waste (including wood, scrap metal, used oil, plastics) by providing it to authorized entities for processing.

  • 2023

    Planned start-up of photovoltaic installation at LW "Bogdanka" sites

Development of energy production from renewable sources

In 2022, the Group’s first photovoltaic power plants were put into operation: in Jastrowie (Wielkopolskie voivodship), Lików (Zachodniopomorskie voivodship) and Lubno (Lubuskie voivodship). Additional PV projects reached the stage of readiness for the launch of investment work in 2023.

  • 1,949 GWh

    Total production from RES of the ENEA CG in 2022

  • 449 MW

    Installed capacity in RES at the end of 2022

Energy efficiency initiatives

Our main priority relating to energy efficiency is to reduce electricity losses incurred in the distribution process.

  • 1.4 PLN bn

    Expenditure incurred by ENEA Operator in 2022 on investments to increase the reliability of electricity supply

Modernisation of call centre and eBOK facilities

The solutions we have introduced make it easier to serve customers without the need to contact a consultant and provide them with 24/7 access to information.

  • 76 %

    Customers satisfied with the service of consultants in 2022

Performance indicators

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An offer launched in 2022 featuring devices to generate, store and efficiently use electricity, for example photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, energy storage, as well as an analysis of the customer’s needs and technical capabilities, assistance in selecting devices, support in connecting photovoltaic installations to the grid and in obtaining government grants and modernization tax relief

Dialogue with suppliers

Contracts with all suppliers contain an undertaking to observe the provisions of the ENEA Group’s Code of Conduct for Contractors, which contains the Group’s expectations, among others in respect to environmental protection.

New cogeneration plant of MEC Piła

At the beginning of 2022, the Group launched a new cogeneration source in Piła, worth nearly PLN 50 million, based on three gas engines and solar collectors the operation of which resulted in a reduction of coal consumption in the heating system.

Vocational training

ENEA Operator undertook a project to develop an innovative training path for the profession of electrical engineer and to adapt vocational training to the current situation in the labor market.

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